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Belly Vajazzle

Belly vajazzle with purple, fushia pink and silver crystals in moon and diamontes shapes.
Max vajazzle dimension: 48mm x 48mm
Self adhesive for single use. To rewear refresh with Bindi or eyelash glue
Simply peel and place from backing sheet. replace on sheet to reuse.

Solid Heart Vajazzle

• Solid heart vajazzle, with silver and red crystals on a red central backing.
• Max heart crystal temporary tattoo dimension: 65mm x 75mm
• Self adhesive for single use. To rewear apply Bindi or eyelash glue.
• Simply peel and place from backing sheet. Replace on sheet to reuse.

Union Jack Vejazzle

UK Crystal Flag with blue and red mirrored crystals, on a blue, red and clear backing.
UK Flag dimensions: 75mm x 55mm
Self adhesive for single use. For reuse refresh with Bindi or eyelash glue.

600 Gems

Swarovski Rhinestones 600 Mixed Colours Round 2.4mm in Carousel
For nail art, arts and craft and vajazzle.
Stunning colours, great quality gems suitable for all types of Body Art

Vejazzle Kit

Vejazzle kit including Wax Strips for bikini wax, plus Gems.


New Vejazzle Design

New Vejazzle Design

Hi Vejazzle fans! – here is this weeks chosen vejazzle artwork. Dont take it to heart!
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New vajazzle design of the week

New vajazzle design of the week

So this week we have decided to go freestyle! Here is a set of vejazzle gems that you can use go create whatever design you feel like!

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Vejazzle Design of the Week!

So every week the Vejazzle team will choose a design that catches their eye.

We like to keep everything very simple with regards to the art of vajazzle so for that reason we like to recommend the pre-made designs. They are much easier to apply and take less time too.

So this week’s chosen Vajazzle design is….. The union jack heart Vajazzle design! Well lets face it this year the UK has been coated in union jack flags and patriotic symbols for the Queen’s jubilee! So why not celebrate this Jubilee Year in a rather different way

Go On Vajazzle with pride! Enjoy from all at the vejazzle team..

Can I vejazzle myself?

Yes of course you can! although you will need to have an element of creativity to apply your own vejazzle! and also bear in mind that you will have to apply the vejazzle upside-down!

The process of applying a vejazzle or vajazzle is actually quite simple but you must have patience and do not try and rush the process otherwise you could mess up a design.  The other great thing about applying your own vejazzle is that its so CHEAP! for example here are rhinestone crystals for sale for £1.99! You can buy them in bulk like that or you can opt for pre-made designs.

Whatever your design choice, its easy to apply the vejazzle – check out our how to apply a vejazzle guide
Another great and cheap way to get started is to buy a pre-made vejazzle design like this:


What do I need to create a vejazzle?

You aint getting a vejazzle if you aint got CRYSTALS!

So first port of call is make sure you have some designs or individual crystals that you can apply to make a vejazzle.

This week we will kick off with a coupld of cool premade vejazzle designs.



How do you get a Vejazzle?

There are only 2 different ways to end up vejazzled!

1 – You pay for a professional salon to apply the design for you

There are many salons up and down the Uk and the US that offer the service of vejazzle for you.  there will be a list of salons appearing here at in the near future.  If you are the owner of a salon that offers the vejazzle service then please do get in touch with us in order for us to place your listing.

2 – You go DIY and either apply it yourself or get a friend to do it for you.

This is the cheapest way to get a vejazzle but you have to trust your own steady hand or that of a friend’s! Are you prepared to take the risk ? lol.  Good luck if you do and to be fair there are many easy to apply readymade designs available.  Check out these


How do you apply a Vejazzle

Here is a step by step guide to applying a Vejazzle or Vajazzle.

These designs do not have to be applied to the private areas by the way they can be put pretty much anywhere you would like to highlight.



Step 1
















































































Welcome to the Home of decorated Privates!

Welcome to the wonderful world of vejazzle, also known as vajazzle.


The art of decorating your privates has been around for a few years, its unclear who actually invented the concept but it first properly came to public attention in the Uk during the first series of “The Only Way is Essex” when Amy Childs was seen to be offering the procedure at the Salon at which she worked.



The process of vejazzling basically involves placing some small gems in a design just above the female genital area. There are many designs available and it is possible to buy pre designed vejazzle kits too.

It is possible for you to design your own vejazzle and many salons will work to a design you have made!  Themes that are popular include the name of the person you are most intimate with, Hearts are very popular, butterflies and stars are amongst the most populat designs.

In order for the Vejazzle or vajazzle to adhere to the skin the private area must be hair free, a dermatologically tested “glue” is used to apply the individual gems in the order dictated by the design requested.

The reason the cost of a vejazzle can be quite high when you have the procedure at a salon is because of the time involved in individually placing each Gem on the skin.  I guess it also helps if your vejazzle stylist has a steady hand! you dont want to go into the salon requesting a union jack and coming out with a map of tasmania!

If you search vejazzling online, apart from finding us of course you will be presented with a whole range of gem designs not just for your privates, but also nipples, stomachs, breasts, bums, arms and legs, So the idea is select the part of your body that you like to show off the best and add a bit of bling!

We suggest that if you are wanting a complicated or comprehensive design that you pay to go and have it done professionally and that can set you back anything from £40 – £150 But if you are Going to have a DIY vejazzle, you can buy a home vejazzle kit..